Certified Transmission understands the importance of finding a well-trained & qualified automotive transmission technician in the Grandview area. This is why our expert transmission technician staff is professionally trained and certified. Each transmission repair expert on our team strives for excellence in every automotive repair service our company offers.

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Picture of Scott Thibault
Scott's favorite quote is "There is no right way to do the wrong thing". Exceptional service is Scott's #1 goal. Scott has been with Certified Transmission for over 17 years Scott has ran three different locations in those seventeen years. Scott enjoys helping people and wants to make a difference. Scott is also an ASE Certified Technician and has been a business owner and owned Great Scott Automotive in South Kansas City for many years. In his spare time Scott enjoys working in the yard and garden. He has been married for almost 40 years to the same bride. He loves spending time with his kids and grand kids. If you ask him about his faith he will share it with you.
Picture of Chuck Green
  • Chuck Green
  • Service Adviser
Picture of Dan Frazier
Dan has been in the automotive industry over thirty years and is also a ASE Certified Master Technician. Dan has a college background in electronics engineering and he has been able to stay on top of the game as far as diagnostics and computer controls, and am excited to be working with some of the best professionals in our industry . If you have a challenging problem Dan has the expertise to find and fix the problem. When you are looking for the tech that can figure out what is wrong with your automatic transmission, Dan is the guy.
Picture of Keith Allen
  • Keith Allen
  • Technician
Picture of Andrew Harbord
  • Andrew Harbord
  • Technician