Clyde Carter - Grandview MO

I am writing you to let you know how impressed I am with a young man by the name of Chuck Green at your location in Grandview. My uncle Clyde had an issue with his transmission in his Mercedes and although Chuck did all he could to keep us from having to have it replaced, it was inevitable. It was a long hard decision in the end however we knew it was the best one. We had many questions that Chuck was always willing to take the time to answer for us. He never once made my wife or I, or my Uncle feel as though we were bothering us. We finally made the decision to have it repaired however our funding fell through at the last minute and we were stuck without a way to pay for it. Chuck was quick to help us come up with a solution and offered a couple different options to finance the repairs. My Uncle Clyde was required to bring some documentation up from his bank in order to complete the financing options, however, since my wife and I were not in the Kansas City area we had no way to get my Uncle to his bank to get these documents. This is the most impressive part, Chuck went out of his to come pick my uncle up and take him to his bank, on to top of that there was a delay from the finance company, therefore my Uncle had to wait an additional day to pick his vehicle up. Chuck gave Clyde a ride home after work that day, In addition, took him by the Footwear store so he could pick up some new winter boots in the process. That is way beyond normal customer treatment in my opinion. The following day after the financing was finalized, Chuck delivered the vehicle to my Uncles house and helped him move a couple of vehicles around so he could park it where he needed too. In all my life I have never experienced customer service like this, I think Chuck is a great ambassador for your company and should be commended for his generosity to my 74 year old Uncle who is also a Wounded War Vet. Thank you to your company and especially to Chuck for making us feel like we were friends or family, rather than customers.

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